November 4

Week 5~Music~

Good morning!

I hope everybody benefited from the extra hour of sleep this weekend. I know I did! I had a self-care reset weekend full of de-cluttering! Tell me more about your weekend in the comments below.

Submit your Week 4 URL to the Google Form!! This closes Tuesday evening, so be sure to submit your link.

The assignments for the last two weeks were free-choice writing and a Text-Dependent Analysis essay. I’m nearly finished reading through your week 3 stories, and I must say that they are entertaining! I’ve read quite a few spooky thrillers, a story about a  potato soldier, and VSCO Snyder. *insert hair-flip*

Keep up the great work with your writing, and continue to approve comments when you see them pop-up. Remember that you can customize your blog from your dashboard. We will be using these all year, so make them your own!

This week is all about music, and how we can use it to enhance our blogs. Much like photos, music is often protected by copyright, so we have to be careful where we get the music that we use on our blogs. Often times, though, music can be used for educational purposes, and for projects that aren’t being shared publicly.

Kathleen Morris posted a helpful infographic this week to help us navigate embedding music without worry.

Much like the photo resources we used in week three, there are hubs for you to find free music to embed into your projects. Some of the links that were included in Ms. Morris’s post this week include:

I’m not sure which will work on your computers this week. Let’s hope we don’t have any issues accessing these sites. Make sure you’re citing your music sources!

This week’s assignments are fairly open for your choice.


  1. Choose one assignment from the photo below. If you are confused by any of the assignments, visit Kathleen Morris’s Week 5 Post for further explanation.
  2. Please be sure to cite your sources. 
  3. Submit your Post URL to the Week 5 Google Form.


Keep up the great work this week. I am excited to see what you come up with!

Miss Snyder






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3 thoughts on “Week 5~Music~

  1. Norah

    Hi Miss Snyder,
    You have given your students lots of encouragement and feedback. I’m sure they enjoy being in your class. I think participating in the Student Blogging Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to give students a purpose and authentic audience to write for. Congratulations for making time for it in your class.
    Best wishes,
    Norah Colvin
    SBC Commenter

    1. Kara Snyder (Post author)

      Thank you! It’s been a learning experience for all of us. We appreciate you taking time to comment!


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